Salfeld Child Control v13.566

20 Aug 2013

Salfeld Child Control 2013 v13.566

Salfeld Child Control v13.566 is a simple but powerful software to block children’s access to computers and the Internet has been developed. After the software installation is complete, you can put a password on it so only you can access it. You can also setup wizard to configure the software. For example able to use computers and the Internet can define until after the end of a defined time, the computer is turned off, but you can also choose other Bshn. This software can be totally free from websites Ayrnyan download downloaded.

Some features of this software:

The ability to define users who are authorized to access the computer’s

ability to shut down the computer after the elapsed time

to define time limits, either daily or weekly

to different levels of filtering Internet security

Internet cut after the elapsed time

to inform Sort Events by Email

compatibility with windows forms

and images of the environment of the software:

While using the computer software to control children Salfeld Child Control 2013 v13.566

Crack the software installation procedure:

1 - Disconnect from the Internet connection to make sure the system is not connected to the Internet by the end of the process.

2 - Run the file to install the software Salfeld.Child.Control.2013.v13.566.exe .

3 .

4 Keygen Keygen.exe length.

5 - Copy Keygen.exe file after you run it. (In Windows Vista and 7, first right-click on the file Keygen.exe, and then select Run as administrator)

6 - In the window that appears in the Name box, type a name can be customized to your instance.

7 - After this, click on the button code keygen Serial Box is made.

8 - The Keygen do not close this window and run the software.

9 - Enter the login name that you typed Registry Software Built-in dialog box code Keygen serial name and copy software. (You can use the key combination Ctrl + C for Copy and Ctrl + V to Paste use)

10 - The software has been successfully registered. Also note that after the update it will never crack the software.

While using the computer software to control children Salfeld Child Control 2013 v13.566

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